Akuma on the cover of Ring of Fire.

Akuma, nicknamed "Black Moon," is the main antagonist in The Ring of Fire.

He is the leader of 46 mountain bandits, who continuously raid Tamagashi Village of their food once every black moon, hence his nickname. Some of his faithful henchmen are Nakamura "Scarface", Kurochi "The Snake", and Sayomi "Night Woman"; who act as squad leaders on every raid.

He is savage and coldhearted by nature, not caring about the villagers' plight, and will do anything to achieve his goals. He is also shown to command respect among his bandits using fear so that they will never defy him.

He is also responsible for kidnapping the young women of Tamagashi as slaves for his bandit clan.

Ultimately though, he and his bandits would be defeated by the collective efforts of Jack and his friends, plus the villagers of Tamagashi.

After his defeat he is killed by the villagers, after he tries to murder Jack in a last-ditch effort.

His hachimaki is then picked up by Jack, who then discards it into the freezing waters.


Akuma is portrayed to always wear a red hachimaki (headband). In combat, he dons a suit of jet black armor, and wields a pair of black-handled swords.

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