• TaekwondoLegend

    Things have been a mess lately, aaah

    It seems the wiki's been doing okay though

    And I heard Book Nine is coming in June, idk if you already knew that

    I'm dumb, of course you knew that -facedesk-

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  • TaekwondoLegend


    December 14, 2017 by TaekwondoLegend

    I might not be editing as often due to taekwondo training - I'm testing for my black belt in August, which sounds far away but it's not. (I'm a red belt right now, and I have one belt left, a red belt with a black stripe, and after that is some extra training, and then the black belt test.) I have to perfect my form, improve my sparring, and work more on my endurance, because it can still be better. In addition to that, I want to start competing within the next year, so I'm training for that as well.

    I'll edit when I can, but long periods of absence (hopefully not more than 2 - 3 weeks at a time; I should be able to edit on weekends, and maybe occasionally during the week) may happen.

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  • Marcusgan11

    Book Nine

    November 15, 2017 by Marcusgan11

    Has anyone heard any more news on Book Nine? It has been a while since I saw any info on it

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  • TaekwondoLegend

    I know there are only three active editors here, including myself, so I'm going to make you guys admins, assuming the request gets approved. TheThroneWarden, you edit a lot, and you have more achievement points that anyone else here, so I would like to give you bureaucrat status as well, if that's all right with you.

    That's all, thanks for reading.


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  • TaekwondoLegend

    Eeek a blog post

    September 10, 2017 by TaekwondoLegend

    When is Return of the Warrior coming?

    Soon, I hope.

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  • TheThroneWarden

    Chris Bradford has recently stated on Young Samurai's official website that he is in the process of writing book nine, which will be called The Return of the Warrior​!  I can hardly wait!  The only sad thing is that it will be the last book in the Young Samurai series.

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  • Bananaman24


    November 21, 2013 by Bananaman24

    What would you prefer to impress a japanese girl?

    Haiku or a musha shagyu?

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  • JackFletcherFan


    December 28, 2012 by JackFletcherFan

    I heard from Mr. Bradford him self that he will write a adventure of Jack, Akiko, and Yori in England if some one make a movie about the Young Samurai!

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  • Dragon378

    Finally Read Ring of Sky

    December 5, 2012 by Dragon378

    So, as it says, finally got round to getting Ring of Sky. I will admit, I read halfway through, read the ending and then went back and finished reading. Sorry, can't help it. I do that for almost every single book I read.

    Anyways, it was great. Benkei was an awesome character, 'nanban' is now one of my most liked words...

    Sad that Miyuki died, I mean I didn't like her but not that much. But, it was made up for by the fact Akiko leaves with Jack for England, and Yori tags along. That should be good, Yori bringing his sayings to England. 

    I'm still confused on the Jack+Akiko thing. I mean Chris writes 'how can words express what they feel', etc. Does that mean they love each other and I'm too retarded to get the implication? I think it means th…

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  • Falcon31

    I'm Back!

    July 9, 2012 by Falcon31

    After an period of no activity on this wiki I'm back and ready for action, I'd like to see this wiki with 150 pages or there abouts by the end of this year and I'm going to focus my attention on sprucing it up and changing the theme, maybe a lighter colour 'cause I'm not to sure if this grey really works....

    Please leave your thoughts below.

    I'll also be working on setting up a number of new templates, changing the main page and getting busy with my edits. Thanks to all those who have helped out on this wiki and improved it (we've almost hit 100 pages!)

    Thanks again.

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  • Dragon378

    Ring of Fire and Wind

    June 14, 2012 by Dragon378

    Finally read these books. Took the library long enough to get them... But reading the preview of Ring of Sky, I have to wonder: how does Jack manage to keep getting knocked out and losing his friends? First Ring of Water and now Ring of Sky? Jokes aside, really looking forward to the book coming out in August (though I probably won't be able to read it till december likely).

    About the books themselves, brilliantly done once again Chris. The simplicity of his style with action, adventure and some humour with a bit of romance (or fluff or whatever...). I wish the books were longer but what can you do.

    About Jack and Miyuki (sorry, need to touch on this subject) in Fire he says he can't like her in the way she likes him but then in Wind he 'rea…

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  • Falcon31

    An angsty fanfic that takes place near the end of the Way of the Dragon. A poem style fanfic which takes place first person. I think you can guess who it is.

    I clung on to the rope,

    I hung there,

    I felt it biting into my hands,

    Vicious and unrelenting.

    And I felt another set of hands clinging onto me.

    Fingers digging into my skin,

    Like daggers.

    I looked up.

    Jack stood above me.

    Blue eyes wide.

    Face pale.


    The clawing hands of Dokugan Ryu moved further up,

    He was coming.

    ‘Help,’ I whispered.

    But Akiko?

    My arms burned.

    I couldn’t hold on much longer.

    Then I knew.

    I knew what I had to do.

    I knew what being a Masamoto now meant.

    For the last time I looked up at Jack,

    Saying my last words,

    My farewell.

    Briefly I remembered how I used to hate him,


    He is my…

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  • Falcon31

    The Ring of Wind

    May 19, 2012 by Falcon31

    [SPOILER ALERT] Finally! I've read the Ring of Wind! I managed to get it out the library yesterday, we had to go straight to this party afterwards though which proved to be good as I spent the whole evening with my head buried in a book! So after an hour or so I'd finished it! (You may notice that I'm not a party-person)

    Anyways, I enjoyed the book though I though some of the scenes were a tad gruesome in parts but it was cool the way Jack dealt with the pirates and pretty much won (well some of them) over. The part where Dragon Eye appeared threw me and for a moment I thought that Yamato might have survived.....but he didn't....D': I loved Li Ling (she rocks!) though it would've been called if she'd joing up wiht the JF gang (that's Jack…

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  • JackFletcherFan


    May 19, 2012 by JackFletcherFan

    Those haiku are awesome I try to do some at home but it did not work out except for one...

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  • JackFletcherFan

    Do any one know where you can read The Ring of Earth Online?

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  • JackFletcherFan

    Young Samurai

    May 18, 2012 by JackFletcherFan

    The thing I like about young samurai is that it show never ending friendship and loyalty between the friend and they will always bound to one another which show the strong bond between them... Hope Jack and akiko will be together.

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  • Falcon31

    Here's another YS fanfic by yours truly, fairly spoiler-free, takes place before the series. Rated "T" due to angst and some blood.

    Akiko’s eyes flew open, she was lying on her back on her futon, something had woken her. Frowning a little in puzzlement she climbed up to her feet, glancing over at the other corner of the room.

    Her little brother Kyoshi was sleeping soundly, maybe her kachimushi had just been dreaming?

    Akiko’s head snapped up, she could hear something from outside, outside in the garden.

    She crept across the floor, not wanting to wake Kyoshi and slid open the paper-thin shoji door and pattered outside her naked feet making no sound on the ground. The girl peered around the corner of the door which led to the garden.

    It was a full mo…

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  • Luneth22


    April 2, 2012 by Luneth22

    Hey people, its Luneth. Glad to be able to help edit the YS wiki.

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  • Falcon31

    Book Trailers...

    March 19, 2012 by Falcon31

    Well, I've figured out how to put book trailers on the page (and also figured out the infoboxes), to see a video trailer go to this page: The Ring of Earth. I've put the trailer at the bottom of the page.

    Tell me what you think? I quite like having the trailers on the page, and it's fairly easy to post them up too =]

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  • Falcon31

    Ring of Fire

    January 14, 2012 by Falcon31

    Today I got the Ring of Fire!! True, it was a long wait, but it was totally worth it!!! I loved the book and the new characters (as well as the old)

    [SPOILER ALERT!] It was great to see another appearance from Miyuki and it was awesome to see Saburo and Yori again. (Yori is still as awesome as ever :D ) I loved Neko's character and thought it was great how she got along so well with Myuki.

    Can't wait for the next one!!! (March 2012), hope I won't have to wait as long as did for the Ring of Fire to get it *crosses fingers*

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  • Falcon31

    Here's a fanfic for the Young Samurai series I posted up on Takes place right after the Ring of Earth.

    /~\ After the Farewell/~\

    Miyuki stiffened as Jack wrapped an arm around her but relaxed, it was comforting and she felt protected and safe, just as she had in the arms of her mother and father…more hot tears streamed down her cheeks and she abandoned herself to crying before her weeping gradually started to subside.

    Reluctantly, she pulled away from Jack's embrace and dried her tear-stained face, true, the painful ache from loosing her family was still there, but telling someone and allowing herself to cry for the first time in a long time had brought a strange release inside.

    Taking a deep breath she stood up, 'It's an earl…

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