Takatomi Emi is the only daughter of great Damiyo Takatomi. She is training to be a samurai at Niten Ichi Ryū and develops a rivalry with Akiko possibly because they both have a crush on Jack.


The Way of the Warrior

In the Way of the Warrior, Emi makes her first appearance. She immediately becomes fascinated with Jack due to his foreign looks and soon becomes a rival with Akiko, mainly in their archery lessons in which they both show potential and in their campaign to win Jack's heart.


Emi is competitive by nature and is fascinated by Jack, and has a brief rivalry with Akiko for his affections. However, after the events of Book Two, she becomes hostile towards him due to the fact he, in a way, used her to get into her father's house and hide the rutter there. She later forgives him in the Way of the Dragon after he saves her from the Red Devils.

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