Gemnan was a Samurai who appeared in The Ring of Earth.


He was responsible for killing Miyuki's family, which left a deep mental scar on her. He was Daimyo Akechi's torturer and took sadistic pleasure in it.

The Ring of Earth

Genman takes some of the ninja from the clan captive and locks them up in a large cage. Jack and Miyuki free the ninja after stealing Gemnan's keys but unwillingly spring a trap, due to Miyuki's error when crossing the Nightingale Floor, and they are surrounded by Daimyo Akechi's samurai forces. But ninja re-enforcements appear on the scene and help to drive off the samurai.

Miyuki takes on Gemnan in combat and is injured by a spear. However Gemnan is killed by Momochi, who engages him in combat and who takes all his rage out on the samurai for killing his son. Momochi dunks Gemnan in his own cauldron, which was filled with scalding water. Miyuki then deals the final blow by stabbing him with her shikoro-ken.

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