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Physical Appearance

A young child with a birthmark on his back


The Ring of Earth
The Ring of Fire

Personal Information



Ninja (Trainee Grandmaster)


Hanzo (Date Kiyoshi) is a member of the Iga Mountains ninja clan in The Ring of Earth as well as the missing younger brother of Akiko.

The Ring of Earth

When Jack is running from the Samurai patrol who are trying to capture him, he is caught in a trap which is set by Hanzo. When Hanzo appears (alone) he believes Jack to be a mythical bird called a tengu due to Jack's foreign looks. After talking to Jack for a few moments, Hanzo disappears then comes back hours later with an old but wise-looking man whom he introduces as his Grandfather, Grandmaster Soke.

Jack is taken down from the tree and after evading a Samurai patrol Hanzo and his Grandfather, Soke, take him to their village, hidden deep in the Iga Mountains. Once there Jack starts to teach Hanzo how to use a sword, as Jack promised to teach Hanzo if he let him out of his trap. Jack is amazed at the way Hanzo takes to using a bokken and is impressed at his willpower and determination.

Later in the book Jack realises that Hanzo isn't who he believes he is. Hanzo is in fact Date Kiyoshi, the little brother of Akiko who had been presumed dead after being kidnapped by Dragon Eye as a child. Towards the end of the book Akiko and Hanzo meet one another to each of their delight. Akiko finds out that Hanzo is to become the next Grandmaster and is upset by this however is happy to know that her brother is being brought up in a community that love him.

The Ring of Fire

When Jack is tracked down by Miyuki, she reveals that they found his friend Hana and interrogated her after they feared she had stolen in inro. However, after being convinced that Hana was telling the truth, Miyuki set out to help Jack while Hanzo decided to help Hana on her journey to warn Akiko of the dangers posed by Kazuki. This will be the first time he will have met his birth mother, Hiroko.


Hanzo is keen to learn sword skills off Jack. He is also brave and never backs down from a challenge in order to trying to save his family. He is a happy child with an endearing personality.

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