Hayto as he appears on the Ring of Fire cover

Hayato is a samurai who first appears in the Ring of Fire. He is one of the Samurai Jack recruits to help the villagers of Tamagashi defeat Akuma and his bandit clan.

He is also the son of the late daimyo Yukimura, who was assassinated in Book 3.


The Ring of Fire

He is first shown present at a kyujutsu contest, where he beat another archer by setting a record of 99 out of 100 arrows hitting the target. His rival believed that due to his age, his results didn't count, and suspected that the official miscounted his arrow count, too. He demands a rematch which Hayato won. He then tries to kill him with his arrow, but Hayato reacts quickly and knocks him out.


Hayato has his hair tied up in a top-knot and a pair of steady falcon-brown eyes. He is shown to be highly proficient with kyujutsu, the Art of The Bow, like Akiko.


  • Hayato translates as "Falcon Person."
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