Jess Fletcher


The Way of the Warrior


13 (as of 1615)



Physical Appearance

Blond, azure blue eyes (assumed)


mentioned throughout the series and appears in The Return of the Warrior

Personal Information





Fletcher Family

Jess Fletcher is the younger sister of Jack and daughter of John Fletcher.


Jess was born roughly three to four years after her brother Jack. When she was very young, her mother died. When her older brother Jack and her father, John, set sail for the Japans onboard the Alexandria, Jess is left in England in the care of an elderly woman, Mrs. Winters. Jess is the only reason Jack wishes to return home to England due to the fact he is afraid she may end up working in a workhouse in the event of Mrs. Winters' death. Jack attempts writing to Jess, informing her of her father's death and various other important events that occur throughout his journey, although it is unknown if she receives the letters, or indeed, if Jack even had a chance to send the letters.


Jess looks a lot like Jack having mousy blonde hair and the same blue eyes. She is three to four years younger than Jack, and it was insinuated that the two siblings were very close.

The Return of the Warrior

Jess makes her first and only appearance in the ninth installment in the series.

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