Kunitome was the name of a skilled Japanese swordsmith who is mentioned in the Way of the Dragon .

He was the protege of Shizu one of the greatest swordsmiths in the world. Kunitome challenged his master once to see who could make the finest sword. To test which sword was better, they plunged their swords down into a river. Kunitome's sword proved to be extremely sharp, as every plant or animal that drifted past in the water was cut by the sword. However, in the eyes of the public Shizu's sword was the better sword, as it did NOT cut everything that drifted past, signalling that it had respect for life.  

Kunitome's blades are the subject of superstitions, such as that once a Kunitome blade is drawn, it cannot be put back into its sheath until it has spilled blood. This means that Kunitome blades are often frowned upon, and are feared, as they are seen by many as evil.