A basic front kick

Mae-geri, the Japanese term for the front kick, is a kick employed in many Japanese martial arts, including Taijutsu. It is also known as front snap kick.

It is extremely powerful, capable of knocking an opponent to the ground, and is one of Jack's best taijutsu techniques.

How to execute a front kick

Step One: Starting in sparring stance (body sideways), pick up the back leg.

Step Two: Kick by snapping out the lower portion of the leg.

Step Three: Re-chamber the leg and land the kicking foot in front so that you continue to move forward.

Front leg front kick follows the same steps, only it is the front leg that is picked up rather than the back leg. Front kick is a kick meant for self-defense and is the most effective kick to use in a self-defense situation since it is quick and easy to execute.