is a young girl who appears in the Ring of Fire.


She works as a servant for the farmers in the village of Tamagashi. Due to the fact she is mute, she is treated as stupid and inferior.

Jack quickly realizes that she is not, in fact, stupid but very clever. The two quickly become friends and when Miyuki appears on the scene the two girls soon become friends too. Miyuki teaches her some ninja signing which Neko quickly picks up and uses them to comunicate with others.

Neko helps to fight off Akuma and his bandits.

Miyuki wished to take her back to the ninja village at the end of the book but as she had developed a strong bond with one of the young Samurai, Yuudai she realised that it was best that Neko stayed with her new friend.


Neko has a dark bob of hair and is small and agile by nature, just as her name (Neko meaning "Cat") suggests. Miyuki is impressed with her due to these qualities, as well as her being silent and light on her feet. She also had incredibly sharp eyesight which proves useful on a number of occasions.


  • Neko's original name was "Bakeneko" (化け猫), meaning Demon Cat, but was eventually shortened to just Neko by the author.
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