Under 16


Samurai-in-training at the Yagyu Ryū


The Way of the Warrior

Raiden is a samurai student at the Yagyu Ryū and the twin brother of Toru.

The Way of the Warrior

In the Way of the Warrior, Kazuki gets Raiden and Toru to attack Jack due to his dislike of him. A fight ensues between Kazuki's friends (Toru and Raiden) and Saburo, Akiko, and Jack. When the fight reaches a climax Masamoto suddenly steps in and yells at them to stop.

Later of Akiko, Saburo and Jack find out that they are to partake in a competion which is between Moriko, Raiden and another student from the Yagyu Ryū. Jack ends up fighting Raiden in unarmed combat and is losing; suddenly he remembers something Sensei Yamada taught him, the butterfly kick, Jack fells him easily executing the difficult technique perfectly and the Niten Ichi Ryū win the bout.


Raiden is a hulking boy with a massive thick set body which may have given him a terrifying appearance if it wasn't for the fact his eyes were a little to close together making him appear like a ape in Jack's opinion.

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