Seoi nage

Seoi nage, as used in judo competition

Seoi nage, also called a shoulder throw, is a taijutsu technique taught by Sensei Kyuzo at the Niten Ichi Ryū. Considered a hand technique, or te-waza, it is also one of the forty traditional throws of judo, a modern grappling martial art. In judo competition, seoi nage is one of the highest scoring techniques. A variation of this technique is ippon seoi nage, which differs from seoi nage in that only one hand is used to grip while the other hand goes under the receiver (uke)'s arm. In seoi nage, the executor (tori) uses both hands to grip.


The Way of the Warrior

Ippon seoi nage

Ippon seoi nage

Yamato, on Yagyu Ryū's team, used the seoi nage against Saburo in the Taryu-Jiai.

The Way of the Sword

Akiko used seoi nage against Jack in randori during taijutsu class. Later Jack was paired with Kazuki, and Kazuki used seoi nage against Jack as well.

The Way of the Dragon

In taijutsu class, Jack used seoi nage against Cho in Last Samurai Standing.

Later, when Kazuki was burning the Niten Ichi Ryū, he used seoi nage against Jack to escape from the burning building.