Tamagashi Village is the centre of all the action in the Ring of Fire.

Every year the evil bandit Akuma descends on the village after the full moon and steals the rice supplies, in recent years he also took all the young female villagers to use as slaves.

Jack along with his friends are hired to defend the village against the bandit.

Village Members

  • Junichi- He is head of the village. Dies by Kurochis hand
  • Sora- Village man. His daughter was captured by Akuma and his bandits
  • Koge- Village man. Very sneaky, turns Jack in to the Shogun
  • Kamemata - Junichi's father, No details
  • Kunio- Brave and ambitious village boy, very arrogant and headstrong
  • Kasumi- Junichi's daughter, away in Osaka during village defence
  • Aiki- Junichi's sister, also with Kasumi