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Pirate Queen


Pirate Island

Tatsumaki is a new character introduced in The Ring of Wind. She is the leader of the fuma, the Wind Demons, and resides at Pirate Island, where she keeps an eye on her crew.

Appearance-wise, Tatsumkaki has a white painted face, red lips and a swathe of black powder across brown eyes. She also boasts long flowing dark hair, with crimson threads embroidered and a streak of red, projecting the impression of both beauty and power.

She sees Jack as a valuable asset to them, making use of him to decipher the rutter for their quest to dominate the seas, and makes use of his loyalty to his friends as a means to force him to comply. However, she has respect for his great navigational skills, which saved Captain Kurogumo's ship, the Black Spider, and the majority of the Wind Demons from destruction at the hands of the Nihon Maru.

Towards the end of the book, Pirate Island comes under attack by Sea Samurai. As everyone prepares to take their loot and flee, including her, she witnesses Jack taking the rutter from her treasure chest and Saru's key. She commands Jack to return the rutter, but he refuses. Angered, she attempts to kill Jack with her tessen, but fails.

Afterwards, Jack spots her atop a crumbling balcony at the citadel, determined to go down with her ship. She is presumed dead after that.


  • She owns a pet snow monkey named Saru.
  • Her name was suggested by a Young Samurai fan during a contest to name the main antagonist for the Ring of Wind.
  • Her gender was also suggested by another fan, who thought that Jack should have a female enemy at some point.