The Red Devils are ruthless Samurai that fought for Daimyo Kamakura at the Battle for Osaka Castle, and they struck panic and fear into the hearts of the samurai of Emperor Satoshi's army.


Their sashimono are a brilliant scarlet; and their helmets, body armour, and their mounted troops' harnesses are the colour of blood.

They have a variety of weapons such as the katana, wakizashi, nodachi, trident, and many more. They are described as being the most ruthless, brutal, and bloodthirsty samurai in all of Japan.

Also, they are elite warriors, and they have distinctive golden horns on their helmets; some helmets have twisted horns, signifying their owner's higher status. Even Jack, with his Two Heavens technique, had trouble fighting a Red Devil, and Yamato and Akiko had to help him out. But fortunately, Sensei Hosokawa stabbed the Red Devil through the chest from behind. Tragically, during the massacre, Sensei Nakamura was surrounded by Red Devils and was supposedly killed. This triggered a retreat to the inside of the castle, and Taro was soon killed by an Elite Devil.

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