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The Return of the Warrior is the sequel to the Five Rings saga of the Young Samurai series, and acts as the concluding title for the series as a whole. It was released on September 19, 2019.


Autumn, 1616.

Trained as a samurai warrior, Jack has fought his way across Japan, defeated ninja and samurai alike, and battled the high seas to sail around the world.

All this with one purpose in his heart: to return home to London and be reunited with his sister Jess.

But when Jack sets foot on English soil, he feels further from home than ever . His sister is missing, a deadly plague is sweeping the city, and a lethal duel soon tests his samurai skills to their limits.

With a dark shadow stalking their every move, time is running out as Jack and his friends race to uncover the truth behind Jess’s disappearance before it’s too late...



An asterisk * indicates a new character.


  • The proposed title for the book heralds the return of the Young Samurai series since 2012.
  • The events in the book will mirror The Way of the Warrior
  • Kagemusha (shadow warriors)  will be involved during Jack's return journey, following him.
  • The fate of Jack's sister, Jess Fletcher, will be revealed.
  • Jack will be facing a new weapon in this book—the European Long Sword. The clash of East vs West will be played out on the duelling field and his skills, impressive as they are, will be tested to their limit.
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