The Way of the Sword is the second book in the Young Samurai Series by Chris Bradford.


Jack Fletcher is Young Samurai

Japan, 1612

One year of training in samurai school and Jack is in real trouble…

He’s struggling to prepare for the Circle of Three, an ancient ritual that tests courage, skill and spirit to the limit. At the same time, Jack is caught in a running battle with fellow student Kazuki and his gang.

But these are the least of Jack’s problems. He knows his deadly rival—the ninja Dragon Eye—could strike at any moment. Jack possesses the very thing he will kill for.

Can Jack master the Way of the Sword in time to survive a fight to the death?

"A fantastic adventure that floors the reader on page one and keeps them there until the end."

-Eoin Colfer, Author of the bestselling Artemis Fowl series.