Two Heavens

The "Two Heavens" is Masamoto Takeshi`s secret martial art style of using the katana and wakizashi at the same time. First displayed in The Way of the Warrior, Jack earns the right to learn it in The Way of the Dragon for defense against Dragon Eye. The philosophy of the Two Heavens is to win at all costs with any weapon.


  1. Flint-and-Spark- Executed by driving one's blade along the length of the opponent's blade, pushing it aside and thrusting for the heart.
  2. Autumn Leaf Strike - Executed by striking the back of the opponent's blade twice with the kissaki of one's blade in order to effectively disarm him/her. This could be done on either the katana or the wakizashi or even on both the swords as displayed by Oda Kazuki performing a double Autumn Leaf Strike on a weary Jack in the closing stages of the Battle of Osaka Castle.
  3. Mountain to Sea - Executed by throwing one's wakizashi at the opponent in order to kill or incapicitate, depending on the occasion. Masamoto first performed this technique when he and Jack were in a training duel.
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